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  Wanbofeng mold possesses high precision coordinate detector, which enable parts to undergo full-size detection, minimize part tolerance and ensure stable quality.

  All molds will go through a small quantities experimental prodction for mold verification,find problems and thoroughly improve it, thus avoiding issues during customer production period, increasing the amount of yields.

  Be first-class enterprise and ensure top quality,To meet customer satisfaction.

  Each project starts in the beginning of each key link in the product, pay attention to points, control matters, to make strict quality control, deployment, implementation of the product self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection and test validation are many ways to die to ensure product quality.

  Company's products include automotive, household appliances, lighting, medical equipment and other industries. In order to ensure product quality, the company has to import ISO quality management system, in full accordance with the standards and conduct mold design and mold manufacturing process manufacturing. In order to ensure quality, Wai Cheong mold reply to e-mail, on-site service and repair a variety of ways to return. Wei-Chang mold thus blazed a unique path of product quality control, reliable quality and further enhance the customer's trust.

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